Counting the days


Well, we’re out of the house, in an AirBnB and Anne just has a few more days of work to go. The trials and tribulations of moving out of a house after 22 years are over. Don’t think I will forget the ‘Man with a Van’ from hell (more like care in the community) or assembling an Ikea wardrobe with sliding doors (177 parts to the doors alone!) in a long while. But that’s gone, and soon we will be also.

When does a journey start? Often travel stories start as the plane dips through the clouds to land, checking in to a hostel or seeing ruins/temple/sunset in an exotic location. Well this time for us it will be heading up to see longstanding friends for a reunion in Scotland on Saturday. The location – The Tower of Glenstrae could not be better and the cool (sunny!!) weather will be a fantastic contrast to the heat of Trivandrum Kerala in a few weeks time. We’ll be saying a few goodbyes to family and friends across the country (we need somewhere to stay after all!), and if you are in London on the 19th November, come join us for a final beer at the Salisbury in Green lanes at 7.30.INVITE.png