Not Happy

Just returned from some fantastic diving in the Simian Islands to discover that almost all the photos on our blog have been corrupted. Only Thai islands and Georgetown – Is the past another country? remain. Grrr!

I have a feeling I may have been the author of my own misfortune, but in any event it looks like I am going to have to go back through each blog and painstakingly resize, edit and post again each picture.

It will take some time, but as this is in part our own digital record of our journey, as well as a way of keeping in touch, it makes sense to recreate it.

So apologies to new friends from MV Parawa who said they looked forward to reading it, you may have to wait a little while to catch up on the India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia stuff.

First World problems in the digital age! 📷

I have included a picture of a sunset to calm myself down. Love to all …



2 thoughts on “Not Happy

  1. So sorry to hear that Niall. What a bummer! We back in BK after a fabulous time on Koh Kood + Koh Chang. So sad to be leaving Thailand and heading back to Europe but already plotting next year’s trip!
    We wish you both happy + safe travels.
    Best wishes
    Jon + Debbie


  2. Hi Jon and Debbie. Not as bad as first thought. The images disappeared off the blog, but I had back-ups and was able to replace them all in a couple of days. Hope you find the blog interesting!
    We’ve just left Bangkok and are currently in Ayutthaya (first time here). We plan to go to Ko Phayam for a week and then a liveaboard in Burmese waters – partly on your recommendation! Will update the blog with how we get on. Best Wishes!


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